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Online Appointment Scheduling


To schedule an online visit, please call us at (773) 286-8111 or click the link on this page.

As we address the current challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are proud to be among the earliest medical facilities to move toward patients to telemedicine for all other than those with a critical need for in-person visits. We offer a range of opportunities for virtual visits according to our patients’ comfort and abilities. In addition to protecting our patients to the greatest extent while delivering the best dermatologic care possible, we want to promote our patients’ protection through their medical coverage as well.

Like most clinics, Chicago Skin Clinic trusts and relies on our patients to confirm their health coverage. With telemedicine, we note that Medicare, BlueCross Blue Shield PPO, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and UnitedHealthcare have all expanded coverage to cover most telemedicine. We continue to track coverage announcements and assure our patients we will work with you to broaden care coverage to protect you to the greatest extent during this challenging time. If the visit is not covered (or self-pay, or out-of-network), we will use credit-card-on-file in order to process payment.